Power of One Report - April 2020

Success in BNI is directly tied to the Five Key Fundamentals of BNI Success. IT'S ALL ABOUT THE POWER OF ONE. 

CONGRATULATIONS to the BNI SF Bay Region members who finished Green or Yellow in April 2020 (70 or more points). You are directly contributing to the health of your chapter and the profitability of your chapter members!

Power of One ReportEach Power of One element is scored out of a maximum of 20 points.

1. CEUs (One hour = One CEU). There are easily 6 CEUs for completing the online MSP. Goal: Four CEUs / month

2. Attendance. Goal: 100%

3. One-to-ones. Goal: Four one-to-ones / month

4. Referrals. Goal: Four referrals / month

5. Visitors. Goal: One visitor / month

1st Advantage BNI Referrals Kevin Sullivan 100
1st Advantage BNI Referrals Robert Crane 100
Better Referral Network Deborah Fisher 100
BNI By The Bay Mark Cooper 100
BNI Empowered Business Partners Michael Ross 100
Business By Referral Holly Jackson 100
Business By Referral Kevin M. Wong 100
Contra Costa Business Referral Network Maile Collmer 100
In Business Together Eileen Giorgi 100
North Marin Networkers Randy Stemmer 100
North Marin Networkers Todd Lyon 100
1st Advantage BNI Referrals Kevin Kearney 95
BNI Business Driving Business Amber Rangel 95
BNI Successful Networking Pros Heather Jamison 95
Business Connections Cathy Tucker 95
Crossroads Business Network Bill Evans 95
Crossroads Business Network Breanna Morin 95
In Business Together Tanya Patterson 95
Mid-Day Power Partners Cate Steane 95
Mid-Day Referral Group Ashley Shoemaker 95
Network Central Alane Freund 95
Non Stop Connections Caroline Fox 95
The Referral Machine Brook Terhune 95
The Referral Machine Dax Talbert 95
Best Networkers In Town Kelly Grant 90
BNI Empowered Business Partners Adrienne Rush 90
Business Builders Rick Trevino 90
Contra Costa Business Referral Network Christoph Nauer 90
Crossroads Business Network Michel Gnutzman 90
Delta Melissa Donald 90
Dream Team Networking Jill Finn 90
Network Central Tiffany Hunter 90
Premiere Julie Tran 90
Professional Connections Michael Jackson 90
Prosperity Networking Laura Zeidan 90
Prosperity Networking Rachelle Neitte 90
Success Accelerators Kristin Washington 90
The Referral Machine Letitia Hanke 90
Visions of Exchange Dale Marie Golden 90
1st Advantage BNI Referrals Dennis Sakurai 85
Abundant Referral Circle Italina Kirknis 85
BNI Business Driving Business Lisa Malmstadt 85
BNI Champions of Referrals Amy Vieira 85
BNI Empowered Business Partners Robin Sulic 85
BNI Power Lunch Corey Robinson 85
BNI Power Lunch Sara Ladd 85
BNI Strategic Connections Vicky Lara 85
BNI Successful Networking Pros Jerilyn Mallari 85
Business Builders Elisabeth Stitt 85
Business By Referral Tim Smith 85
Business Growth Network Elena Skroznikova 85
Contra Costa Business Referral Network D'Ann Hayes 85
Contra Costa Business Referral Network Sandeepa Nayak 85
Crossroads Business Network Karl Pontau 85
Crossroads Business Network Nina Pomeroy 85
Dream Team Networking Connie Espinosa 85
Dream Team Networking Ryley Katz 85
In Business Together Helen Masamori 85
In Business Together Macy Ng 85
In Business Together Raheel Bodla 85
Mid-Day Exchange Patti Maxwell 85
Mid-Day Power Partners Hannah Springer 85
Mid-Day Power Partners JD Gumm 85
Mid-Day Power Partners Suzanne Bastear 85
Network 54 Laura Reoch 85
Network Central Alexia Cloutier 85
Network Central James Baldwin 85
Network Central Patricia Mayer 85
Non Stop Connections Amba Ann Dryg 85
Peak Performers Network Janice Nugent 85
Platinum Janet Thomson 85
Premiere Hubert Gotuaco 85
Premiere John Jussen 85
Success Link Robert Arzt 85
The Next Level James (Jim) Bohn 85
The Next Level Janice Langan 85
The Next Level Mark Buchl 85
The Referral Machine Bobby Ramirez 85
The Referral Zone Susan Schwartz 85
Valley Business Connections Elaine Betts 85
We Inspire Amy Vincze 85
We Inspire Douglas Housman 85
We Inspire Gaylen Roberts 85
We Inspire Julie Chroust 85
Best Networkers In Town Nicole Humber 80
Best Networkers In Town Rodger Sartori 80
Better Referral Network Declan Spring 80
Better Referral Network Lisa Mazur 80
BNI 5 Star Network Maxim Shapiro 80
BNI Business Driving Business Chrysti Kehr 80
BNI Business Driving Business Lindsey Ehrlicher Styles 80
BNI Business Driving Business Megan Nelson 80
BNI By The Bay Jay Zemansky 80
BNI Champions of Referrals Erin McKeon 80
BNI Empowered Business Partners Kai Deering 80
BNI Power Lunch Matt Shoup 80
BNI Successful Networking Pros Kris Pingul 80
BNI Successful Networking Pros Lupe Finch 80
BNI Successful Networking Pros Michael Martin 80
Business By Referral Maria Eberle 80
Contra Costa Business Referral Network Karen Gallagher 80
Contra Costa Business Referral Network Leslie Eisenberg 80
Contra Costa Business Referral Network Reggie Keding 80
Contra Costa Business Referral Network Wade Cantrell 80
Crossroads Business Network Deanna Ortuno 80
Crossroads Business Network John Hall 80
In Business Together Natalie Tiller 80
In Business Together Wendy Roberts 80
Mid-Day Power Partners Randy Lind 80
Mid-Day Power Partners Trish McLean 80
Network Central Daniel Martin 80
Network Central Marci Silverberg 80
Network Central Sean Morris 80
Network Central Susan Coleman 80
Non Stop Connections Danielle Wagoner 80
Non Stop Connections Ken McCoy 80
North Marin Networkers Brian Harbour 80
Premiere Colin Clancy 80
Premiere Magdalena Modica 80
Referral Magic Daniel Curtis 80
Referral Magic Elizabeth Lyall 80
The Next Level Michele LeSage 80
The Referral Machine Alyson Dobbert 80
The Referral Machine Daniel Raff 80
The Referral Zone Ellen Simonin 80
The Referral Zone Renea Aquino 80
Visions of Exchange Monique Thomas-Wayne 80
We Inspire Jon Welch 80
We Inspire Lewis Jepson 80
1st Advantage BNI Referrals Orlando Diaz 75
Abundant Referral Circle Cory Nott 75
Alliance Builders Christopher Wilson 75
Alliance Builders David Crowhurst 75
Alliance Builders Lacey Zeidler 75
Alliance Builders Mark Gold 75
Best Networkers In Town Leslie Dodds 75
Best Networkers In Town Susie Hlinka 75
Better Referral Network Francis Griffin 75
Better Referral Network Katherine Korlacki 75
BNI Business Driving Business Kimberly Michalik 75
BNI By The Bay Kathleen Zemansky 75
BNI By The Bay Krista Van Kessel 75
BNI By The Bay Sylvia Verange 75
BNI Connection Pros Michele Harkov 75
BNI Cutting Edge Brent Herrera 75
BNI Empowered Business Partners Beth Claywell 75
BNI Power Lunch Larry Tashjian 75
BNI Strategic Connections Denise Artache 75
BNI Strategic Connections Laila Helmy 75
BNI Successful Networking Pros Nicola Nash 75
Business Builders Greg Stowers 75
Business By Referral Michael Pierce 75
Business Connections Todd Walker 75
Business Success Partners Jill Erickson 75
Contra Costa Business Referral Network Angela Mutchler 75
Contra Costa Business Referral Network Jamie Duran 75
Contra Costa Business Referral Network Kyle Madison 75
Contra Costa Business Referral Network Rhoda WilkinsonDomingo 75
Contra Costa Business Referral Network Rise' Gross 75
Crossroads Business Network Ajay Saini 75
Diablo Networking Circle Vincent Meyer 75
Dream Team Networking Daniel Sitzmann 75
Dream Team Networking Pete Zipkin 75
Mid-Day Power Partners Bonnie Clark 75
Mid-Day Power Partners Cecilia Gunning 75
Mid-Day Power Partners Dawn Dolan 75
Mid-Day Power Partners Lorinne Otte 75
Mid-Day Referral Group Annette Frei 75
Mid-Day Referral Group Brigitte Black 75
Mid-Day Referral Group Maria Cooper 75
Money Makers Joseph Anicete 75
Money Makers Lee Russell 75
Money Makers Roger Studebaker 75
Network 54 Hasan Sume 75
Network Central Andrew Rader 75
Network Central Marcia Day 75
Network Central Scott W. Hellar 75
Peak Performers Network Richard Green 75
Power Partners Dale Warfel 75
Power Partners Darla Booth 75
Power Partners Jeannette Marsala 75
Power Partners Karen Woodbeck 75
Premiere Laura Voss 75
Premiere Manuel De La O 75
Professional Connections Jim Sciaroni 75
Prosperity Networking Mike Lemas 75
Referral Magic Gina Marie Woodard 75
Referral Magic Susie Garcia 75
Success Accelerators Hunter Rook 75
The Next Level Bart Eddy 75
The Referral Machine Jonathan Straub 75
The Referral Machine Kelly Cazzaniga 75
The Referral Machine Lorilee DeSantis 75
The Referral Machine Paul Martinez 75
The Referral Zone Linda Sims 75
We Inspire Barbara Gotz 75
We Inspire John F. Knolle 75
We Inspire Matthew Sagers 75
1st Advantage BNI Referrals Sherwood Cummins 70
Abundant Referral Circle Andrew Gregor 70
Abundant Referral Circle Bernadette Jones 70
Abundant Referral Circle Erika Gimbel 70
Alliance Builders Chad Mordecai 70
Best Networkers In Town Finy Gonzalez 70
Best Networkers In Town Gabriella Ambrosi 70
Best Networkers In Town Jacqueline Scott 70
Best Networkers In Town Shelly Fitzsimmons 70
Better Referral Network Joanne Cosgrove 70
Better Referral Network Marie Bowser 70
Better Referral Network Teresa Lau 70
BNI 5 Star Network Curtis Fleming 70
BNI 5 Star Network Katya Dmitrieva 70
BNI 5 Star Network Lloyd R. Steere 70
BNI Business Driving Business Katy Moranda 70
BNI By The Bay Douglas Lawrence 70
BNI By The Bay Garrett Kunkel 70
BNI By The Bay John Skinner 70
BNI Champions of Referrals Dan Cunningham 70
BNI Champions of Referrals Monica Jones 70
BNI Cutting Edge Wallace Wong 70
BNI Empowered Business Partners Anna Jatsiv 70
BNI Power Lunch Christina DeRockere 70
BNI Power Lunch Garth Jordan 70
BNI Referral Factory Elvin Geronimo 70
BNI Strategic Connections Andre Scroggie 70
BNI Strategic Connections Avi Gingold 70
BNI Strategic Connections Mirjam Kroonder 70
BNI Strategic Connections Salle Hayden 70
BNI Successful Networking Pros Kristina Bailey 70
Business Builders Chase Tedsen 70
Business Builders Esthela Estrada 70
Business Builders Wendy Wong 70
Business By Referral Jose Flores 70
Business By Referral Summer MacCool 70
Contra Costa Business Referral Network Adam Duran 70
Contra Costa Business Referral Network Ben Bauer 70
Contra Costa Business Referral Network Denise Cadet 70
Contra Costa Business Referral Network Gary Collins 70
Contra Costa Business Referral Network Jeff Wilson 70
Contra Costa Business Referral Network Joel Harris 70
Contra Costa Business Referral Network Lillian Cordice 70
Contra Costa Business Referral Network Linda Wurth 70
Contra Costa Business Referral Network Steven Doden 70
Contra Costa Business Referral Network Trina Swerdlow 70
Cornerstone Referrals Dawson Urban 70
Diablo Networking Circle Kathy Bate 70
Dream Team Networking Anastasia Stephanopoulos 70
Dream Team Networking Karen Gonzalez 70
In Business Together Bryan Prats 70
In Business Together Shannon Sevor 70
Mid-Day Exchange John Wheeler 70
Mid-Day Exchange Saskia Feain 70
Mid-Day Power Partners Jim Gemperline 70
Mid-Day Power Partners Mort Kantor 70
Mid-Day Power Partners Sena Eggen 70
Mid-Day Power Partners Teri Sackett 70
Mid-Day Power Partners Victoria Gaitan 70
Mid-Day Referral Group Russell Pate 70
Mid-Day Referral Group Steve Koel 70
Network 54 Peter O'keefe 70
Network 54 Susanna Delman 70
Network Central Alex Kofman 70
Peak Performers Network Amanda Dluzak 70
Peak Performers Network Barb Ellul 70
Peak Performers Network Janice Colby 70
Platinum Allen J. Romano 70
Platinum Leigh Ann Pincus 70
Power Partners Chapin Hemphill 70
Power Partners Linda Lane 70
Power Partners Natalie Ventimiglia 70
Premiere Warren J. Eide 70
Prosperity Networking Elizabeth Hernandez 70
Prosperity Networking Pete Baldazo 70
Prosperity Networking Robert Sitzmann 70
Referral Magic Juston Eppler 70
Referral Magic Kelly Herrera 70
Referral Magic Kristi Heffelfinger 70
Referral Revolution Davin Bacho 70
Referral Revolution Jolene Cortright 70
The Next Level Jon Sooy 70
The Referral Machine Kelly Silverstein 70
The Referral Machine Lothario Jason Lotho 70
The Referral Zone Sheilla Vidal 70
Visions of Exchange Eloise Middleton 70
We Inspire Brandon Ralph 70
We Inspire Chantal Rees 70
We Inspire Mark Ian Schwartz 70

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